This community event is to celebrate the success of those living in recovery, to bring awareness and advocacy to the community, thus beginning to build unity, offer support and hope, reduce stigma and to demonstrate living proof that recovery is real! And it works!

Where & When

This event will be held at Spring Lake Park in lower North Mankato. We will be located at Shelter #1 which is located on the corner of Webster Avenue and Lake Street

This event begins at 9:30am September 29th 

Thanks to our Co-Host

We are beyond grateful to have partnered with House of Hope to make this event possible! You can find addtional information on the House of Hope by visiting their website at

Build a Team!

We invite you to register a team for the walk around the lake!

Teams can be made up of your home group, organization, facility, group of friends, in honor or memory of someone special, your family or your co-workers (to name a few) 

Teams are welcome to raise donations for this event but are not required to.  This is a FREE event and registration of a team is FREE! Donations raised will go towards the cost of the event and to our continued goal of strengthening the Mankato Recovery Community. Teams to raise the most donations will receive a prize!  but REMEMBER- YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO RAISE DONATIONS! If no donations are raised WE STILL NEED YOU!!! 

Thank you for your involvement in making this event one to remember! We look forward to meeting your team!

Register your team!!


We have invited local organizations and facilities to join us in this celebration! Our partners will offer information and resources available in this community. Welcoming our partners for this event...

We would love for you to join! If you are interested in having a table at this event send us a note or register here: 

Register a table

Many Thanks!

We are so excited to bring this event to this area and look forward to seeing each and every one of you there. You if have any addition questions or would like to donate to make this event possible contact us directly.


Get tickets so we can plan for how many!